Rachel Bendayan
Rachel Bendayan
Member of Parliament for Outremont
Individuals facing domestic/sexual violence

The pandemic has had a large effect on everyone, however, certain populations are more at risk. Women at risk or experiencing domestic violence are put in an extremely vulnerable position by potentially needing to socially isolate with their abusers, and as of April, one in 10 women reported being very or extremely concerned about the possibility of violence in the home. Here are a few support systems available to women in need of help: 

Canada-Quebec Agreement on Women’s Shelters: The federal government has partnered with Quebec to provide over six million dollars in funding for women’s shelters and other organizations that help support women dealing with domestic and sexual violence across the province, to ensure that they have the funds needed to carry them through the pandemic while aiding as many women as possible. 

Femmes du monde à Côte-des-Neiges: Femmes du monde is a women’s center in Montréal who seek to provide a meeting place, and foster a sense of solidarity amongst women in the community. They offer a selection of activities for women to meet and connect over, and services to help women seeking various forms of help.  

Le Chaînon: Le Chaînon is a women’s center designed to provide help for women ages 18 and above who are facing a large range of difficulties. They provide counselling services, help for housing and getting back on your feet, as well as variety of other services ranging from legal and tax clinics, to recreational activities such as Christmas parties.   

Centre pour les victimes d’aggression sexuelle Montréal: The Centre pour les victimes d’aggression sexuelle Montréal offers a range of free bilingual services to victims of sexual violence, as well as their close friends and family. These services include medical, clinical, and support options for anyone who seeks them. 

Domestic violence hotline: If you are experience domestic violence and need to talk to someone, call 1-800-363-9010 for a 24/7 help hotline, or text 438-601-1211. 

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